Your Solicitor or Conveyancer will usually recommend that you carry out a Building & Pest Inspection as part of the property purchasing process. A Pest & Building inspection is considered to be a minimum level of due diligence when buying or selling a property. It is the perfect way to further investigate the condition of your existing property, or to investigate a significant defect that appears to be standalone.

If the property is going to Auction, this should be done well in advance. If the property is private treaty then most people get an inspection done during their cooling off period.

The worst building issues are usually hidden.People selling property go to great lengths (and in some cases expense), to cover up or hide problems. Buildings have a natural tendency to deteriorate over time, this happens faster than you may think. Getting good trades people can be hard and all builders struggle with quality control.

Some properties are well built and well maintained, while others are so bad they are uninhabitable. Old buildings can be in good condition and new buildings can have major defects from day one.

How will you know for sure, if you don’t engage a professional to investigate the property for you.

All buildings have defects, however not all properties are equal.

Major structural concerns, installation defects, workmanship issues, leaking roofs / showers / balconies, termites and conditions conducive to termite attack, repairs and maintenance issues, building services, site drainage issues, external structures and outbuildings, retaining walls, strata concerns, building advice, cost estimates, free asbestos appraisals, free onsite consultations, full telephone support  – we do it all – right across Sydney metro and greater Sydney.

Our inspectors are seasoned pros and can spot major issues a mile away. They have seen it all.

If you consider that hidden site drainage problems or a major structural concern could easily cost you $30K-$50K to rectify. Compared with the cost of a Building & Pest Inspection, It will be the best $500 you ever spend!!

We know this because our customers tell us.

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