There are basically two types of asbestos materials used in construction.

Friable and bonded.

Friable asbestos is the most dangerous and is usually found in thermal insulation and pipe lagging (type of insulation) and is not commonly found in domestic buildings.

Bonded asbestos material however, can be  found in most domestic buildings constructed before the mid 1980’s.

Generally speaking, all buildings built before the mid 1980’s will contain asbestos somewhere within.

The most common building material that contains bonded asbestos is fibro sheeting which gained popularity during the post-war construction boom because of its cheap and durable nature.

Fibro sheeting was used for external wall cladding, external eaves linings, internal wall linings such as wet areas including laundries and kitchens, ceiling linings, garage internal linings.

Other parts of houses which can contain asbestos include shower recess wall linings, roof tile bedding, roof sheeting and roof capping, lino flooring, vinyl flooring, the backing boards to electrical meter boxes, electrical fuses, slip joints and formwork to infill slabs (concrete formwork which remains in place), fences, carpet underlay, piping and insulation.

Older fibro houses that have been renovated often contain building debris which includes asbestos materials scattered throughout the roofspace and subfloor. Our inspectors will alert you to this if found during a building and pest inspection.

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